Sports & special lenses

Our capabilities go further than ophthalmic and tinted lenses. Using our extensive supply chain and manufacturing techniques, we are able to supply sports lenses for high wrap frames in both single vision and progressive, and special lenses for the most complex prescriptions to ensure that you can provide a visual solution to each and every one of your patients.

Sport Lenses

It is no secret that patients visual needs are becoming more and more demanding as lifestyle trends continue to evolve. Increasing popularity in prescription sport frame designs mean that the requirement for high performance, high wrap lenses is increasing. We are able to supply and glaze lenses to fit almost any frame in a wide variety of tints and treatments.

Special Lenses

Special Lenses are a new hand crafted range of lenses engineered by experts for patients who require specific optical needs. Our mission is to help the world see better and with Special Lenses, you can now provide your patients with new solutions using the highest quality lenses, no matter how unique the visual requirement is.

Slab-off lenses

We are able to supply slab-off lenses for the correction in patients who have anisometropia. These lenses require a specific manufacturing technique to ensure the best possible patient correction. Please call us if you require a slab-off lens and we will be sure to meet your requirements.