2018 Review

2018 was a fantastic year for Horizon Optical and with our Lindberg accreditation now running for a total of 28 years, our service to our independent customers continues to exceed expectations.

Our Elite Lens Express van run has revolutionized the service that customers receive on a daily basis and we continue to grow this business as one of our key service initiatives. We are going to be expanding this throughout 2019. If you are an independent optician and would like to discuss the availability of this service to your practice please get in touch with us.

Our customers saw some great improvements to their business and patient satisfaction through our service to their practices. Our account managers are now better equipped than ever to help support independent opticians with new materials, promotional offers and training materials all on hand to discuss in practice. We offer training on products ad promotions, but we are also now able to offer a business consultation training package - working with you to improve your product mix, patient journey, and increase your average dispense value.

Essilor Eyezen Start

Crizal Sapphire UV

Essilor has launched its brand new anti-reflective Crizal Sapphire UV lens as the ultimate choice for pure vision, comfort and aesthetic experience, and have described it as another expression of its mission of improving lives by improving sight.

It said at the launch that the lens has broken the traditional compromise between anti-reflective (AR) performance and UV protection. It offers ESPF 35 protection and provides much needed relief for vision plagued by invasive light.

Wearer trials showed 91% preferred it to their previous eyewear and 70% judged it more efficient on reflections than even Crizal Forte UV.

Essilor said the new lens will “enhance all the light of our lives” and offer absolute transparency to millions of spectacle wearers who are bombarded with light from all directions and annoying reflections. Being “almost invisible” it offers “a sensational way to see and be seen””.

Purer vision benefits include better transmission of visual information, fewer ghost images and less distracting reflections. Aesthetic benefits come from a more transparent lens which allows the eyes to be more visible at all angles, ideal for posting selfies, being photographed and filmed, applying make-up and simply being seen.

Crizal Sapphire UV is the result of patented breakthroughs including a dual HMAR architecture in which both lens surfaces interact to tackle reflections that can come from the front, the side and back of each surface.

Essilor has created new ways of designing an AR coating to out-perform the ISO standard, which was designed to work around only one frontal range of between -15° and +15°. It has created the first anti-glare coating designed to cut reflections whatever the light incident angle, off both the front and back surfaces. Compared to Crizal Forte UV, the new lens offers up to an astonishing 25% less reflection, across the angle between -45° and +45°, front and back. It said that while its AR lenses have always stood for less eyestrain, more visual comfort, safety and aesthetics, new, patented technologies have allowed it to break the compromise between UV and AR performance.

An optimised stack on both surfaces of the lens allows it to provide a new form of 360° multi-angular technology. An innovative nano layer structure on the back surface minimises visible light reflections at 360° and preserves a high level of UV protection.

The new lenses are available now.

Ultra Limited Eyewear now available

We are excited to announce that we are now offering the new, innovative eyewear brand Ultra Limited. These unique frames represent the pinnacle of stand out British eyewear fashion. Unrepeatable in their uniqueness, these glasses are the product of a man’s glance. A man who, after a day’s work in his workshop, looks at the scrap bin of the day’s produced frames, and sees a kaleidoscopic mix of colours. Just a moment is enough to unleash creativity, and just a glance to imagine something great: bringing a dream to life. Callous hands, skilled hands of that pristine craftsmanship typical of people who have been working for years with passion and devotion, starts shaping scraps with an unique result. The result is called ULTRA LIMITED. Uniqueness is the characteristic of being one and only: you will never find an exact copy of a pair of ULTRA LIMITED glasses. By assembling 12 different shades, each pair of glasses is the ultimate expression of colour, with tone-on-tone technique and the exaggeration of contrasts . Each pair of glasses is hand-manufactured in Italy by artisans with decades-long experience.

Wholesale ordering now available

We now have the capability to offer wholesale ordering online through our web ordering system to our customers. This allows you to bulk order some of the most popular stock lens options to ensure that you can service your patients' requirements faster than ever before. 



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