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Horizon Optical began in 1972 with just two employees, and has grown steadily ever since. It was among the first prescription houses to offer specialist LINDBERG Air Titanium glazing. This frame design single-handedly created the fashion for minimalist frames. Even today Horizon is one of the leading labs in the UK under contract to LINDBERG as a registered and approved glazing house.

Over half of today's Horizon team have over ten years' service, meaning that we posess a high level of experience within our team to enable us to offer a consistent service to our customers. Our staff's long service, training, and attitude means that we have a vast wealth of experience to draw upon when you need help and support. Our staff also have a genuine desire to serve our customers' needs.


A true one stop shop

Horizon Optical are able to cater to the needs of every independent optical practice throughout the UK due to the huge variety of products we have available.

We can offer lenses both cut and uncut, and have a fantastic glazing team who are more than capable of providing superior quality on even the most complex glazing jobs.

Our range of complete frame and lens packages provides optical practices with the opportunity to receive a complete set of glazed spectacles quickly, easily, and to a consistently exceptional standard. If you are an independent optical practice and would like some information on the products and services that we offer, please get in touch with us or your regional account manager.


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